SOD-123F Component Package


Name SOD-123F (Small-outline diode 123F)
  • DO-219AA
  • PDMU (Rohm)
  • M1F (Fagor Electronica)
Variants n/a
Similar To
  • SOD-123W
Mounting SMD
Pin Count 2
Pitch 2.8mm
Solderability Easily solderable by hand.
Thermal Resistance n/a
  • Recommended Footprint = 4.4×2.1mm = 9.2mm2
3D Models n/a
Common Uses
  • Diodes


The SOD-123F component package has narrow, flat leads protruding from the base of the SMD package.

3D Render

A 3D render of the SOD-123F component package.
A 3D render of the SOD-123F component package.

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Posted: April 6th, 2015 at 12:41 pm