SMC (DO-214AB) Component Package


Name Diode Outline 214AB
Synonyms SMC
Variants n/a
Similar To
Mounting SMD
Pin Count 2
Pitch 6.8mm
Solderability Easy to solder. The soldering iron needs a bit of juice though, as this package is designed for good heatsinking abilities
Thermal Resistance
  • Tjc = 10-16°C/W
  • Tja = 47-55°C/W (mounted on PCB with 8x8mm copper pad area)
  • Tja = 90°C/W (mounted on PCB with two 1.54×3.14mm copper pads)
Land Area
  • 50.6mm2 (package only)
  • 50.6mm2 (package with recommended land pattern)
Height 2.62mm (when mounted)
3D Models n/a
Common Uses
  • Diodes (especially high surge-current diodes)


The largest in the DO-214xx range of diode packages, the DO214AB is a surface-mount package used for diodes that require good heatsinking requirements and/or high-surge current capabilities. Used for general purpose, schottky, and TVS diodes.

3D Renders

A 3D render of the  SMC (DO-214AB) component package.
A 3D render of the SMC (DO-214AB) component package.


component-package-smc-do-214ab-dimensions-and-land-pattern Dimensions and recommended land pattern for the DO-214AB (SMC) component package. Image from Vishay Outline Dimensions: SMC (

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