MSOP Component Package


Name Micro Small Outline Package
  • Micro SOP
  • RM-8, RM-10 (Analog Devices, no pad)
  • MINI_SO_EP, RH-8-1, RH-10-1 (Analog Devices, with pad)
  • MSE (Linear Technology)
  • uSOP (Maxim Integrated)
  • uMAX (Maxim Integrated)
  • u8+1 (Maxim Integrated package code for MSOP-8 P0.65mm)
Variants n/a
Similar To
  • SSOP
Mounting SMD
Lead-type Gull-wing
Pin Count 8-16
  • 0.50mm (MSOP-16)
  • 0.65mm (uMAX, uSOP)
Solderability Moderately difficult to solder by hand, due to the small pitch. Easy to solder with hot air, infrared, or reflow techniques.
Thermal Resistance n/a
  • 4.9×3.0x1.1mm (LA: 14.7mm2)
  • MSOP-10: 3.0×3.0mm, LA = 9.0mm2 
Height 1.10mm
3D Models
Common Uses
  • Audio amplifiers (Analog Devices)
  • LED Controllers (Linear Technology)


The width of any MSOP package is always 3mm. The length is also commonly 3mm (except for MSOP-16). Because of this restriction, the pitch usually decreases as the pin count increases.

The exposed pad on this package is optional (Analog Devices have separate codes for each).

Thermal Resistances


Synonyms: DGS (Texas Instruments), VSSOP-10 (Texas Instruments)

Symbol Description Value
\( R_{\theta JA} \) Junction-to-ambient \(171.4^{\circ}C/W\)
\( R_{\theta JC(top)} \) Junction-to-case (top) \(42.9^{\circ}C/W\)
\( R_{\theta JB)} \) Junction-to-board \(91.8^{\circ}C/W\)


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