LGA Component Package


Name Land Grid Array
Synonyms n/a
  • LGA 771 – Intel Socket J
  • LGA 775 – Intel Socket T
  • LGA 1150 – Intel Socket H3
  • LGA 1155 – Intel Socket H2
  • LGA 1156 – Intel Socket H
  • LGA 1207 – AMD Socket F, AMD Socket C32
  • LGA 1356 – Intel Socket B2
  • LGA 1366 – Intel Socket B
  • LGA 1944 – AMD Socket G34
  • LGA 2011 – Intel Socket R
Similar To
Mounting SMD
Pin Count Approx 5-2000.
Pitch Variable
Solderability Cannot solder with a soldering iron, soldering with hot air or infrared is o.k., recommended practise is to use reflow techniques.
Thermal Resistance n/a
Land Area n/a
Height n/a
3D Models n/a
Common Uses
  • CPU’s
  • Cellular modems
  • Other modules


The LGA package comes in many different variants, all which have a different number of pins and a different pin configuration. The pins are normally lines up in a grid of x columns and y rows, but not every position may have a pad. Therefore you can get variants with the same LGA package width and length.

Like BGA’s, LGA packages can withstand up to 50% mis-alignment when soldering, as the package will automatically align itself. LGA packages can be connected to the PCB either with a socket or direct soldering. Intel has popularised the package by using it on some of it’s CPU families.

3D Renders

A 3D render of the LGA component package.
A 3D render of the LGA component package.


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