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2D Coordinate Rotation
A 2D coordinate can be easily rotated by around another point to give the new rotated point with the equation:         The angle is positive for a counter-clockwise rotation. You may notice that the coordinate is translated as if  was the origin, the rotation transformation is applied, and then it is translated … Continue reading 2D Coordinate Rotation
Affine Transformations
The transformation matrix, translation, rotation, reflection, shear, combining transformations and more info on affine transformations.
Analytical Geometry
How to check if a point is inside a rectangle.
Circle Geometry
Inscribed angle: An angle made from points sitting on the circles circumference. An inscribed angle is half the central angle. When keeping the end points fixed, an inscribed angle is always the same, no matter where the vertex is. The angle inscribed in a semicircle is always a right-angle. A cyclic quadrilateral has four verticies … Continue reading Circle Geometry
Cross Product
ContentsOverviewMathematical SymbolDefining EquationCross Product Properties Overview The cross-product is a mathematical operation you can perform on two vectors in 3D space. The cross-product produces a vector which is orthogonal to both of the input vectors, which means it is also normal to the plane containing the two input vectors. Mathematical Symbol The cross product of … Continue reading Cross Product
ContentsOverviewCube GridsExternal Resources Overview Regular hexagons are hexagons were all the edges (sides) are the same length. Cube Grids A cube grid uses three axes \((x, y, z)\) to describe a hexagon. The coordinate for any hexagon in a cube grid must satisfy the following condition: $$ x + y +z = 0 $$ External … Continue reading Hexagons
Projective Transformations
Quad-to-quad projections (incl. image projections), worked examples, example code and more info about geometrical perspective projections.
Spherical Geometry
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