Coil Gun Mach 1

Project Start Date: April 2006
Project End Date: July 2006
Current State: Completed

This is my first attempt at a coil gun.

Switch: 2x 600V 3300A (non-repitive pulse) SCR
Capacitor Bank: 24x 330V 80uF Capacitors
Total Energy: 209.1J
Target Efficiency: 3% (6.27J of kinetic energy) Projectile: Steel rod 30mm long, and tipped Projectile Mass: 15g Target Velocity: 28.9m/s (104km/h)

Capacitor Bank

The capacitor bank was built from capacitors scrounged from used disposable flash camera’s. I got the cameras for free from a Kodak photo processing store just by asking nicely :-). Each camera has one 330V electrolytic capacitor ranging from 80 to 120uF. These can easily be unsoldered and hooked together for an el-cheapo capacitor bank.


The Coil

Wire Diameter = 1.00mm (18AWG)
Coil Resistance = 0.3Ohm
Coil Inside Diameter = 12.5mm
Coil Outside Diameter = 30.0mm
Coil Length = 30mm

The coil was made with enamelled copper wire and wrapped around a coil former. Two slotted metal sides contain the wire and provide some structural strength. The coil was covered in two-part epoxy to hold the wire in place. The coil is designed to be slipped onto the projectile tube.


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  1. It’s a coil gun, which is a gun which fires out a metallic projectile by using strong, localised magnetic fields created by extremely high currents travelling through a coil of wire.

    Search coil gun on Google to find out more! Sorry how it lacks some basic info, this project page was written many years ago and converted across from my old site.

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