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Backlit PCB Stencil
ContentsStatsThe IdeaThe BacklightDiffusing The LightImagesStats Project Started: 13/12/2013 Project Finished: 17/12/2013 Time Taken: Approx. 24 hours Cost: Approx. NZ$80 The Idea To turn a spare and used PCB stencil into a wall decoration by adding a backlight and tidying up it’s appearance. The Backlight The original plan was to use EL sheets, and build an … Continue reading Backlit PCB Stencil
Casio Calculator To PC Link
ContentsWhat Is It?GalleryStart Date: December 2005 End Date: April 2006 Status: Completed What Is It? I made this piece of electronics to be able to connect scientific Casio calculators up to the computer, after finding out the official version cost NZ$100+. The Casio calculator supported a serial upload/download feature which allowed you to transfer data … Continue reading Casio Calculator To PC Link
Coil Gun Mach 1
ContentsCapacitor BankThe CoilProject Start Date: April 2006 Project End Date: July 2006 Current State: Completed This is my first attempt at a coil gun. Switch: 2x 600V 3300A (non-repitive pulse) SCR Capacitor Bank: 24x 330V 80uF Capacitors Total Energy: 209.1J Target Efficiency: 3% (6.27J of kinetic energy) Projectile: Steel rod 30mm long, and tipped Projectile … Continue reading Coil Gun Mach 1
Columbus Radio
ContentsThe Idea…The Original RadioMechanical Stripping The CabinetMoisturising The CabinetNo More BorerCleaning The GlassElectronicsThe SmartsAmplifierSpeakersPSULEDs Are Not Retro, WoopsUser Interface InputsRaspberryPi Daughter BoardThe SoftwareSending MPC CommandsThe Way That WorkedThe Python Hardware UI ScriptGetting The Hardware UI Script To Run On StartupPower Supply Woes The End ResultStatisticsAt A GlanceTime StatisticsMaterial Cost StatisticsThings To Improve OnThe Idea… To bring a old, broken valve-based antique … Continue reading Columbus Radio
Electric Skateboard
Start Date: 20/04/2010 Completion Date: 17/07/2012 Current Status: Finished Last Update: 22/12/2012 Page Description Updates Major updates on project so far (or see below) Hardware The physical hardware used to make the skateboard Skateboard Design The design page! All about the circuits, wireless comms, motor control, wheels, failures, explosions, and that sort of stuff. Firmware The … Continue reading Electric Skateboard
HHO Fuel Cell
ContentsOverviewImagesOverview An HHO fuel cell (also called a hydrogen generator) is an device which splits water into it’s constitute parts, hydrogen and oxygen, using electricity. My brother actually designed and made this fuel cell, I thought it was so cool I decided to add it too my site anyway! Images Default Gallery Type Template This … Continue reading HHO Fuel Cell
ContentsStatsRepoThe IdeaThe ChamberMeasuring The Power UsageThe Power SupplyThe BrainsAdding The LCD ScreenControlling The PeltierBut How To Measure Temperature?Lights!The Pros And Cons Of BreathingThe FirmwarePeltier ControlUILCDButtonsConnecting It All UpThe Finished ProductMax And Min TempsBefore Adding VentilationAfter Adding VentilationTimeCostWhat To Do Next?GalleryStats Project Started: 25/12/2013 Project Finished: 31/12/2013 Time Taken: 41 hours Cost: NZ$166.86 (excluding the chiller/heater … Continue reading iNursery
Leyden Jars (High Voltage Bottle Capacitors)
Project Start Date: Dec 2005 Project End Date: Dec 2005 Current State: Completed Leyden jars (aka High Voltage Capacitors, see the Wikipedia article) are an easy way to make high voltage capacitors, albeit with low capacitance. I wanted to make some for some high voltage experiments. I used clear beer bottles for the glass jars … Continue reading Leyden Jars (High Voltage Bottle Capacitors)
Luxcity UV Tonic Control System
ContentsThe ChallengeRepositoryThe Hardware8x FreeTronics 8-Channel Relay Driver Shields64x SPDT 12V Relays62x 12V Solenoid Valves1x Ardunio Uno2x Power Supplys1x Arduino LCD Screen ShieldVixen SoftwareConstructionOnsiteFirmwareGalleryProject Start Date: 27/09/2012 Project Completion 21/10/2012 Status: Complete The Challenge To design and build a sequencing control system for 64 solenoids that controls a mixture of UV tonic and air into a … Continue reading Luxcity UV Tonic Control System
Medium-Voltage Cap Charger
Project Start Date: March 2006 Project End Date: April 2006 Current State: Completed The Crucial Stats: Input Voltage: 12V Maximum Charge Voltage: 500V This was before I knew what a boost converter was, so I used the Aahz’s Boost Converter  design (member of the forum). A blurry schematic (the only one I have!) of … Continue reading Medium-Voltage Cap Charger
Piezo Crystal Formation
ContentsPicture GalleryStart Date: June 2012 End Date: August 2012 Status: Completed I can’t claim that this project was my work, as my brother had the idea and did most of the crystal growth. But since I couldn’t see him posting this online anytime soon, and I gave advice/helped him along the way/lent him tools, I … Continue reading Piezo Crystal Formation
Remote Electronic Ignition System
Setting of pyrotechnics with fuses was getting too old school, so I decided to make a remote electronic ignition system. This system uses electronic fuses made with christmas tree lights. Rather than make the wireless comms myself (and I was rather young when I made this, I probably wouldn’t of known how to do that … Continue reading Remote Electronic Ignition System
RS232 To TTL Serial Converter
ContentsComponentsHardwareTotal TimeImagesStart Date: Jan 2011 End Date: Feb 2011 Status: Completed These are indespesable when it comes to debugging serial commuincations (unless you are lucky enough to own an oscilloscope that can decode serial data for you). They are really simple to make as essentially voltage converters that convert RS232 logic levels that computers use … Continue reading RS232 To TTL Serial Converter
Santa Alarm
ContentsComponentsHardwareTimeImagesI’m in no way a morning person. This alarm is was designed to get me out of bed on time! Specially since I’m starting a new job soon. During a 2009 Christmas shopping spree I brought myself a little dancing, singing Santa (100% impulse buy). To clear my financial conscience, I decided then and there … Continue reading Santa Alarm

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