Altium is a powerful PCB design software suite. It supports schematic design, PCB design, SPICE simulation, library management, cloud interfaces, a scripting API and more.

Child Pages

Altium BOM Template Files (Excel)
How to customise the automatically generated BOM's by Altium. This includes how to change the layout, and add custom macros.
Altium Bugs And Things To Watch Out For
Altium has it's quirks. Here's a list of things to watch out for and handy workarounds.
Altium Keyboard Shortcuts
A selection of some of the most useful and less obvious keyboard shortcuts in Altium.
Altium Rules
A tutorial on creating Altium rules with useful examples for the advanced Altium user.
Altium Scripting And Using The API
An Altium scripting walkthrough using both VBScript and Delphi, with guides, API info, examples, links to 3rd party scripts and more.
Altium Simulation
Tricks and helpful tips on how to do SPICE simulations of Altium's circuit schematics using it's built-in simulator.
Altium Tricks And Standards
Alitum tricks and standards so that you can work in a efficient, tidy, and scalable manner when designing PCBs.
Altium Vaults
Altium vaults are used to store design data (including component info). This page is about how to use Altium vaults effectively.
Altium Version Control
What is the best way to do version control in Altium? This page explores some of the options.







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