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ContentsOverviewChild PagesOverview Altium is a powerful PCB design software suite. It supports schematic design, PCB design, SPICE simulation, library management, cloud interfaces, a scripting API and more. Child Pages             Like this:Like Loading...
Circuit Simulation
ContentsOverviewChild Pages¬†¬†Overview Circuit simulation is a useful tool for prototyping and testing circuit designs. The basic method to simulating a circuit goes: Draw a schematic of the circuit in a software package that supports simulations Attach simulation models to the various components in the schematic. These models describe the electrical behaviour of the component. SPICE … Continue reading Circuit Simulation
Electrical Compliance Design
ContentsTVS DiodesFerrite BeadsCircuits emit electrical noise. They emit radiated electromagnetic noise, and conductive noise (noise that travels down any external electrical connections). Many electronic standards define maximum values of noise and disruption that a circuit can emmit. Reduce these levels requires careful circuit design, in both the components used, the layout, the number of layers, … Continue reading Electrical Compliance Design
Electrical Forums
AllAboutCircuits Forum ( – A popular forum from the website which catalogs free ebooks on electronics. Embedded Projects Forum ( – A discussion and support forum for Emdedded Projects hardware. They design and sell micro-controller programmers for a wide range of chipsets, to replace OEM programmers such as the AVRISP mkII, PIC Kit 2 and … Continue reading Electrical Forums
Electrical Suppliers
ContentsGeneral ComponentsAvnetDigi-KeyNiceGearRS ComponentsSamtecPCB ManufacturersPCB CartSuppliers With Free Samples!Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) CompaniesEffyDealPrecision Electronic TechnologiesQuick CircuitsSRX GlobalTexmateSpecific ComponentsTraco PowerMolexHardwareHobby KingDeal ExtremeBatteriesShenzhen Shirui Battery Co.SparkFunOLED ScreensFibreglassGracol EnterprisesGJH FibreglassGeneral Components Supplier Name/Website: Logo: Interface: Part Count: Supplied Locations: Delivery Speed/Cost:  Comments: Alibaba (visit site) 1/5 5/5 International 2/5 Alibaba is a huge international trading site that offers goods a … Continue reading Electrical Suppliers
My Workshop
ContentsStorageComponent TraysStorage BoxesToolsPower SupplyOscilloscopeLogic AnalyserUART-To-RS-232 ConverterUSB-To-RS-485 ConverterComponentsCapacitors PCB’sLaserSoftwareAltiumConsole CalculatorStorage Component Trays Organisation! Component trays are the shiz. When you want a component, they are right there and waiting. It is like walking into a shop, but without the cost (or course you have to fill them up, but you forget about the purchasing after a … Continue reading My Workshop

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