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PCB mounting techniques and more info about accelerometers.
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensors
Info on carbon dioxide sensors.
Flow Sensors
Flow sensor types, flow rates, example components and more information about electronic flow sensors.
Humidity Sensors
Relative humidity, absolute humidity, the dew point, the Magnus equation, example code, IC examples and more info on humidity sensors and measurement.
Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs)
Measurement methods, headings, performance, dead-reckoning, software, Arduino and RaspberryPi compatibility, component packages and more information about inertial measurement units (IMUs).
Interference, electromagnetic properties and more info about magnetometer sensors.
Proximity Sensors
ContentsOverviewMagneticExamplesOverview Proximity sensors are used to determine the range and position of an object in the near vicinity of the sensor. One application is touchless control panels and human interfaces. Most use infrared light  to detect the object. Magnetic Magnetic proximity sensors usually come in 2 or 3-pin variants. They come in normally-open and normally-closed variants. … Continue reading Proximity Sensors
Temperature Sensors
Temperature sensor history, active vs. passive, differences between analogue and digital sensors, microcontroller interfacing techniques, thermostats, infrared thermopiles and more info.
Tilt Sensors
Info on tilt sensors.
Ultrasonic Sensors
Terminology, basic principle of operation, comparisons against other sensors, variations, outputs, communication protocols, max. and min. ranges, beam patterns, frequencies, electrical models, tuned driving, acoustic impedance and more information about ultrasonic sensors.

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