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Pumps develop differential pressure. That is, they add to whatever pressure is already at the input.

Converting Between Head And Pressure

You can convert between head and pressure by using the following equation:

$$ p = 0.132 h SG $$

\( p \) = pressure | psi
\( h \) = head | m
\( SG \) = specific gravity of the fluid | no units

Conveniently, The SG for water is 1.

High Pressure Water Pumps

Typical voltages for high-pressure water pumps are 12VDC, 24VDC, 110VAC, 220-240VAC and 380VAC (three phase).

The pressure of “high-pressure” water pumps ranges from 50-200psi (12-24VDC pumps) up to 1000-3000psi (110-380VAC).


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