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Page contents (table of contents, ToC) should be shown either above (viewport < 768px) or to the right (viewport >=768px). Sections should have numbers in front of them, both in the ToC and in-front of the section headings.

1. Maths

An example on an inline equation \(y = \frac{1}{x^2}\) is embedded in this sentence.

And here is a block-level equation. There second line of the equation should be numbered.

\[\begin{align} y = \frac{1}{x^2} \nonumber \\ y = 2 \end{align}\]

\(y\) is the output, in Watts \(W\)
\(x\) is the input, in Hertz \(Hz\)

2. Warning Is Notes

Use the below block for telling the reader a specific page is still in "notes" format:

WarningThis page is in notes format, and may not be of the same quality as other pages on this site.

3. Code

Inline uint8_t code is here.

Below is a C++ code block:

Some C++ code
include <stdio>

int main() {
    std::cout << "Testing..." << std::endl;
    return 0;

Below is a Ruby code block:

Some Ruby code
require 'sinatra'

get '/hi' do
  "Hello World!"

4. Example Blocks

The below example block should have a title and a slight red background:

Example 1. Shot noise example

A current of \(100mA\) measured over a bandwidth of \(1kHz\) gives a RMS shot noise current value of:

\[\begin{align} i_n &= \sqrt{2IqB} \nonumber \\ &= \sqrt{2*1A*1.602e^{-19} C*1kHz} \nonumber \\ &= 17.9nA \nonumber \\ \end{align}\]

5. Images

There should be a vector image below that is 300px wide, with the caption "Hello, world":

example vector image
Figure 1. Hello, world

Below should be two images side-by-side (both with captions), using our custom .imagerow class. The images should be centered on the page:

example vector image
Figure 2. Image on the left.
example vector image
Figure 3. Image on the right.
example vector image
Figure 4. Hello, world

The above image has an ID, and you should see a reference to it right here: Figure 4.

6. References

This sentence contains a bibliographic reference at the end of it[example-bib].

7. Footnotes

This sentence should have a footnote at the end of it[1].

8. Tables

Header Col. 1Header Col. 2

Cell 1, 1

Cell 1, 2

Cell 2, 1

Cell 2, 2

Below is a table with %autowidth set, this means is should only be as wide as the content within it

First letterElement description


XSPICE code model


Behavioral (arbitrary) source

9. Admonitions

TipThis is a tip. I should be green and have a bulb icon on my left.
WarningThis is a warning. I should be red.

Below is an Admonition block:


I am an Admonition block.

I can contain many things.

Here is a URL:

11. Lists

  • Here is

  • a unordered

  • list

    1. Here is

    2. a ordered

    3. list


Below is a quote. There should be a vertical bar to the left of the quote and the quote should be indented.

The impedance of power sources providing input power to the EUT shall be controlled by Line Impedance Stabilization Networks (LISNs) for all measurement procedures of this document unless otherwise stated in a particular test procedure.

— MIL-STD-461E
Section 40.3.6 (4.3.6): Power source impedance

13. Schematic Symbols

Standard SVG dimensions for a single schematic symbol:

  • Width: 20mm

  • Height: 30mm


APA Style Website:

  • [example-bib] Author, A.A. (YYYY, Month Day). Title of work. Site Name. Retrieved YYYY-MM-DD, from

1. Test footnote 1.


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