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The Zephyr Project (also just called Zephyr, which will be used for the remainder of this page) is a real-time operating system designed for resource-constrained devices such as microcontrollers. Is is part of the Linux Foundation.

The main repo can be found on GitHub.

Zephyr provides cooperative and preemptive scheduling.

Uses a CMake build environment.

Zephyr is cross-platform (i.e. you can build projects and flash embedded devices) and supported on Linux, Windows and macOS. However, you will experience the least amount of issues and friction running Zephyr on Linux. Linux is also the only platform currently supported by the Zephyr SDK.

Zephyr is also a platform supported by the PlatformIO build system and IDE.



The easiest way to install Zephyr on Windows is to use the chocolatey package manager. Once that is installed, run the following steps from an elevated command prompt:



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