January 2024 Updates

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  • Added info on the Law of Cosines.

  • Added info on the Trigonometric Ratios.

  • Added the ability to do a site-wide search with the help of the pagefind library. At compile time, after hugo builds the site, pagefind is then run and creates a search dictionary that is downloaded to the client when they want to perform a search. All the searching happens client-side, no server is needed.

  • Added more info on Zephyr, including semaphores, the polling API, workqueues, watchdogs and commons errors.

  • Noticed that the inline equation text colour was different to standard text (thanks to a Bootstrap CSS file), so I added SCSS rules to style it correctly.

  • Added info on the non-standard use of MCU SPI peripherals to send data to WS8212 RGB LEDs.

  • Added a new page with info on real-time clock (RTC) ICs.

  • Added more info on various Zephyr peripheral APIs.


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