December 2023 Updates

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  • now has a dark mode. New CSS styling rules have been created to properly colour things when in dark mode, and a little JS script has been added to respond to the light/dark toggle button click and store the preference in the users local storage.

  • The page structure got modified. I wanted to improve the main left navigation menu. So I created a top navbar for the site logo, name and light/dark mode toggle. And then the left column is dedicated purely to the navigation menu. The on hover styling has been improved, with a clear indication you can click the chevron to expand/collapse a sub-menu. The chevrons are now all aligned on the right of the menu rather than on the left.

  • Updated the VMIN and VTIME information on Linux Serial Ports Using C/C++.

  • Added info on converting a version string into numbers to the C String Manipulation page. This page was also restructured to read better.

  • Added info on the Zephyr Hardware Info Interface (including reset causes).

  • Added more info on Benchtop PSUs to the Electronics Tools page.

  • Started a page on Triangles, and added information about the Law of Sines to it.


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