October 2023 Updates

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  • This month I was solely focused on NinjaTerm development. We went from v4.3.0 through to v4.7.0 in the month of October. Updates to NinjaTerm are highlighted below.

  • Terminals are now focusable by the user, with the cursor changing appearance and a background glow shown when focused.

  • Tab key press gets handled and correct bytes sent correctly across the serial port.

  • Addition of a graphing feature which can extract data points from incoming data and graph them live.

  • Easter egg style “fake ports” to NinjaTerm for demo/testing purposes. Press “f” when the serial port config. settings are visible to show the fake port selection screen.

  • Ability to change terminal font size.

  • Added initial Playwright e2e (end-to-end) tests.

  • Fixed an annoying rendering glitch where I was using React’s useEffect() but should of been using useLayoutEffect().

  • Migrated from using react-starter/Webpack to build to using Vite, it’s much faster! Also migrated the unit tests from using Jest/RTL to using Vitest (which works really well with Vite).

  • Improved the version updating process – Now a snackbar pops up when a new version is available giving the user the choice to reload and update. This was easily added thanks to Vite’s PWA plugin.

  • Added settings to be able to configure behaviour on receipt of carriage return and line feed characters.


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