March 2022 Updates

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Added more info to the MiniMELF Component Package page.

Added info on average rectified forward current for general purpose diodes.

Added info on the ARIES Correct-A-Chip series of breakout boards/IC adapter PCBs.

Added info on adding a high-value parallel feedback resistor to 32.678kHz crystal tracks to prevent start-up problems in humid environments.

Started a page on test jigs.

Added info on backfeeding through UART TX/RX lines.

Added info on adding pull-up resistors to UART TX/RX lines to prevent spurious garbage being transmitted during microcontroller resets.

Added more info on voltage-level translator ICs.

Added info on CMOS totem-pole drivers with added power off protection.

Updated the info on the SOD-523 Component Package.


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