July 2021 Updates

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1. Updates This Month

  • A new page on Gas Discharge Tubes (GDTs), with schematic symbols, designators and examples.

    gas discharge tubes gdts schematic symbols screenshot
  • Added a new example of a noisy waveform to the Electrical Noise page.

    noise from 3 smps
  • Added a new page (in notes format) on Spark Gaps.

  • Added info on transient surge waveform specification, including a graph illustration the concept behind 8/20us and similar specifications:

    transient pulse specification graph screenshot
  • Moved Zener diode info into it’s own page.

  • Cleaned up many of the schematic symbols on this site for a consistent look and feel:

    diode symbol tvs avalanche
  • Added a diagram showing the protection diodes common to most digital CMOS pins.

    cmos inputs showing internal protection diodes


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