March 2021 Updates

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  • Updated the img shortcode so that caption text is now rendered as markdown (done by calling the hugo function | markdownify on the passed in parameter). This allows things such as the ability to add URL links into the image caption, great when referencing the source of the image.

  • Added a section to the Op-Amp page on Negative Impedance Converters (NICs).

  • Added info on overriding the standard library version of malloc() (and friends) with an application specific version:

    #include <stdlib.h>
    int main()
        int* i = malloc(sizeof(int));
    void* malloc(size_t s)
        printf("My custom malloc() called");
        return NULL;
    void free(void* p)
        printf("My custom free() called");
  • Added info on the MQTT broker Mosquitto and MQTT client Paho.


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