January 2020 Updates

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  • Added the Happy New Year 2020 page, which compiles interesting blog statistics for the 2019 year.

  • Renamed all leaf nodes filenames from _index.md to index.md, as using the former led to the tag pages not being created.

  • Information on handling warnings has been added to the Numpy page.

  • Updated the TSOC-6 Component Package page with more clarification on the differences between the different variants (D6+1, D6-1, D6N+1 and D6N-1).

  • Added a new QFP Component Package page, which will consolidate all of the variant information (e.g. TQFP) that existed on individual pages.

  • Updated many component package pages, including:

    And also added the following packages to the component package database:

  • Switched the site title and content title around in the HTML page title, such that it is now:

    <page title> | mbedded.nina

    This makes it easier to determine what the page is when you have a lot of tabs open on a tab-based browser such as Chrome or Edge.

  • Added cached external content to the How To Calculate Maximum Track Current page.

  • Added more specific information about dynamic memory allocation on embedded systems to the Dynamic Memory Allocation page.


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