April 2019 Updates

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  • All image duplicates in static/images/ were deleted. These duplicates were created back when the site was running on Wordpress due to it’s image optimization strategies (creating a pyramid of resolutions for the same image to best match the size of the image when it is rendered on a page).

  • Addition of a link shortcode.

  • Updates to many of the component package pages in the Component Package Database.

  • Addition of the TO-273AA Component Package page.

  • Updates to the Convolution page, including the addition of a worked example showing the calculation of the convolution between two “box-car” signals.

  • I posted a link to the A Comparison of Serialisation Formats page to the /r/programming subreddit. I got a decent amount of feedback which helped improve the page and fix mistakes.

  • The addition of the “Categories” page to the main menu.


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