March 2019 Updates

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  • New Domain Name Servers (DNS) page.
  • New review on different serialization formats (e.g. CSV, JSON, TOML, XML, YAML). This can be found at the A Comparison Of Serialization Formats page.
  • NinjaCalc was moved from paid GoDaddy shared Linux hosting to my free Netlify hosting. Not only does this make the build/deploy step much easier (Netlify automatically builds and deploys when changes are pushed to master), but it also saves me money! After this blog was converted from Wordpress to Hugo and also moved to Netlify a few months ago (see the Site Migration To Hugo Complete post for more info), I no longer have any need for the GoDaddy server, saving approx. US$150 per year!
  • Added new "shuriken" feature to posts and pages. You can now click on the shuriken to "upvote" content! You can get more information on the Adding Shurikens post.
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      +1's, likes, thumb's up and claps have been done before, this blog uses shurikens!
  • Added a QGIS page (open-source, free-to-use GUI software to working with geospatial images) with information on how to add tile servers, start multiple instances of QGIS and more.
  • Updates to the quaternion page, including:
    • A new quaternion to rotation matrix calculator Quaternions page.
    • Info on converting from quaternions to rotation matrices.
  • Updates to the img shortcode so that it also works with .gif images.


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