Happy New Year 2019

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Happy new year! Image from www.vecteezy.com.

Happy new year! Image from www.vecteezy.com.

Statistics for 2018

This is the first year I have used Google Analytics to gather these statistics. Even though I have been using Google Analytics for many years, in previous years I just relied on the statistics presented in the Wordpress admin dashboard. This is no longer possible as I am now using Hugo to power this site. This also means that the reported numbers are different, in fact, Wordpress seemed to always report higher numbers than Google Analytics. The stats for 2017 on this page are also from Google Analytics so that a fair comparison can be made. See the Happy New Year 2018 post for the Wordpress sourced 2017 stats.


Page Views83k116k
Number of users per week for the 2018 year. Image from Google Analytics.

Number of users per week for the 2018 year. Image from Google Analytics.

A User is a unique person who visited this website at least once.

Ranked by number of page views:

Altium Tricks And Standards10.5kAltium Tricks And Standards11.0k
Altium Bugs And Things To Watch Out For4.9kAltium Bugs And Things To Watch Out For5.8k
Home Page3.9kLinux Serial Ports Using C/C++4.6k
A Function Pointer Based State Machine2.3kHow To Use SocketCAN With The Command-Line In Linux4.4k
Component Packages2.2kHow To Use SocketCAN With C In Linux4.4k
Altium Scripting And Using The API2.0kHomepage4.2k
Altium Keyboard Shortcuts1.7kA Function Pointer Based State Machine3.3k
UART Protocol1.4kAltium Scripting And Using The API2.7k
PCB Design1.3kAdding A Custom App To A Yocto Build2.5k
How To Unbrick A PICkit 31.2lAltium Keyboard Shortcuts2.3k


5 most popular acquisition methods by number of users:

Organic Search34.4kOrganic Search53.6k

5 most popular referrers by number of users:


Plans For This Year

  • Utilize Hugo to it’s fullest capabilities. Although the migration from Wordpress to Hugo is complete, I feel like I have not yet explored all of the possibilities that Hugo allows. This includes sitemaps, RSS feeds, automatic thumbnail creation, better shortcodes, e.t.c.
  • Find a way to reliably detect dead links as they occur, along with an easy way of fixing them.
  • Move all of the mbedded.ninja GitHub repos into my own personal account, as there is no real need for a mbedded.ninja “organization” on GitHub, at it just leads to extra work and confusion on where repos are.
  • Remove all the excess images in the blog repository. As a result of the Wordpress migration, there are many copies of a single image, each at a slightly different pixel size (I’m assuming they were created as part of a page load speed optimization in Wordpress). These are un-needed as Hugo can resize images at build time to correctly fit the container on the page. These extra images are just using up repo space.
  • And of course, as always, add more content!


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