August 2014 Updates

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Here’s the updates for this month! However, the thing that shadows all these points is the move to a new domain, more on that soon!

  • Added Op-Amp banner.

  • Moved the Control Methodology from under Programming->Languages->C to Programming->General, as it now contains information applicable to all programming languages.

  • New page, Abstraction Layers under Programming->Methodologies. Added an example of an abstraction layer for a operating system (OSAL), and for microcontroller hardware peripherals such as GPIO and UART.

  • Updates to repo RingBuffCpp.

  • Creation of new GitHub repo MStringCpp.

  • Moved content on OpenCart page to OpenCart->General.

  • Added info to the OpenCart->General page on how to disable vqmod logging.

  • Updated the Electrical Supplier page with info about Samtec and fixed some of the formatting issues on the page. Fixed some external links on this page.

  • New page, C++->Operator Overloading which explains how to perform operator overloading in C++.

  • New page Electronics->Communication Protocols->AT Protocol.

  • PSoC USB pins can be used as GPIO, but only when the drive mode is in one of two configurations. Info added to the pins section of the PSoC Components page.

  • Moved all GitHub repos from user gbmhunter to new organisation mbedded-ninja.


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