July 2014 Updates

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Probably one of the biggest months of updates ever!

  • Added minicom page.

  • Added cat page.

  • Info on variadic macros added to Programming->Languages->C->C Preprocessor.

  • New Memory page under General Programming

  • Updated Alitum Simulation page.

    A first-order high-pass filter with a cut-off frequency of 15.9kHz.

    A first-order high-pass filter with a cut-off frequency of 15.9kHz.

  • New page on the Linux program diff.

  • New page on C variadic functions (to complement the stuff added about variadic macros)

  • New PSoC Fault Finding page.

  • New Automated Code Analysis page.

  • Git repo Code-Template-Files added

  • New Compilers section under Programming with GCC page.

  • New page, How To Properly Use FreeRTOS (as of Dec 2017, URL unavailable).

  • New pages, Naming Conventions, under Programming->General, and C Naming Conventions, under Programming->Languages->C.

  • Removed Disqus ads, see this post.

  • New page, Programming->Languages->C->Standards And Versions.

  • Version Control Systems promoted to a sub-menu of Programming.

  • New commands added to the .

  • New page, Programming->Languages->C->Portability.

  • Updates to the Programming->Languages->C->Pointers page.

  • Added information about the C ternary operator (?) to the Programming->Languages->C->Logical Operators page. Also added information about the lack of a logical exclusive OR operator, and how to simulate one.

  • Updates to the Programming->Languages->C->Structures page regarding initialisation and object-orientated style programming.

  • Updates to the Programming->Languages->C->Enumerations page, adding info about how to change the data type of enumerations and enumeration syntax.

  • New page, Programming->Operating Systems->FreeRTOS->Common Mistakes. Added info about the main() stack getting overriden when vTaskStartScheduler() gets called.

  • PCB Design got promoted to be a sub-menu of Electronics.

  • New component package added, SOD-123F, to the Component Packages page.

    A 3D model of the SOD-123F component package.

    A 3D model of the SOD-123F component package.

  • New GitHub repo, TemplateCodeFiles, which currently contains template code for the C and C++ languages.

  • New GitHub repo, FreeRtosWrapper-Cpp. Contains wrappers to use FreeRTOS in a object-orientated C++ environment, including the ability to make a class function (a method), a task.

  • Corrected some info on the Using C++ With PSoC Creator page, and added more info about thread-safe static initialisation and virtual functions.

  • New section Methodologies under Programming. New page Inversion of Control (IoC) (as of Dec 2017, URL unavailable).

  • New page on PCB Stencils under Electronics->PCB Design. This includes information of the different etching processes as well as terminology such as aperture size and aspect ratio.

  • Updated to the RingBuff-Cpp GitHub repo.

  • Updates to the Microcontroller IDE Comparison page relating to AVR Studio.

  • New page on PCB Castellation.


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