February-June 2014 Updates

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So progress has been a little slower than usual lately, here are all the updates from Feburary 2014 to June 2014:

  • New info on jumpers (jumpers in resistor packages) on the Resistors page

  • New page on electropermanent magnets (cool electronic magnets which retain their magnetic state after powerdown.

  • New force equation on the Capacitors page (related to the force exerted on the plates due to the electric charge)

  • Picture added of card-edge connector gold fingers on the connectors page

  • New component packages added to the popular Component Package page.

  • New page on electrical comparators.

  • I am now using Latex to draw diagrams! I have begun using QuickLatex, TikZ and Circuitikz. This allows me to draw images like this:

    An op-amp circuit drawn with Circuitikz/Latex.

    An op-amp circuit drawn with Circuitikz/Latex.

    Admittedly, this is just an image, but the real diagrams on the Op-Amp page are described in the Tex language, and only rendered when you visit the page!

  • And on a similar note, there is now both a TikZ and PGF tutorial and a CircuitikZ tutorial


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