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Finally! I scared myself a bit, I first had a look at /programming/website-design/wordpress/wordpress-plugins-that-this-site-uses and it turned out I hadn’t written down the majority of the PHP code which actually does all the work when creating the captions. Fortunately, I had done a site backup which had file with all the code in it, and once I had worked that out, I managed to restore the functionality pretty quickly.

Just to be sure, the image above should have one. Oh yeah…do you see it? A transparent border and an italic caption!

To make sure I sleep easier next time, the PHP code has been added to [/programming/website-design/wordpress/wordpress-p/programming/website-design/content-management-systems/wordpress/wordpress-plugins-that-this-site-uses/-plugins-that-this-site-uses) so that me and anybody else can find out how I did it.


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