Calculators Upgraded And Have Their Own Page

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The electronic online calculators have been upgraded! They now

  • Have selectable engineering units
  • Have a “Calculate What?” button, meaning you choose which variable you know, and which to calculate
  • Features shading of the calculated variables, so you know which ones you have to type in yourself
  • Has live calculating that re-calculates everytime you change something.
  • Features a “variable diagram”, which helps graphically explain the equation and what your calculating

The calculators now have their own [page](/electronics/general/online-calculators), which shows the collection of calculators that are used on the electrical pages of the [CladLabs site](www.cladlabs.com).

Screenshot of the Ohm's law and resistor divider online calculators.

Screenshot of the Ohm’s law and resistor divider online calculators.


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