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The subscription for this sites default domain name,, was coming to an end. I thought this would be a good time to change the name to reflect the site title. Choosing was a bad decision on my part, made at a time when I wasn’t too sure on a good name. Soon after I brought it for a year, I realised Clandestine Laboratories was better, and rebranded the site. However, I was stuck with the domain name (well, unless I wanted to pay double), until the subscription ran out.

So now, after a week of hassle to get transferred to, and then moving the WordPress installation from one account to another, it’s finally working! The site was out for a few days while I struggled to get the WordPress installation working happily on the new server. I couldn’t of done this without interconnectIT’s tutorial “Migrating A Wordpress/WPMU/Buddypress Website” and the php script “Wordpress (and others) Safe Search And Replace Tool”, again by interconnectIT.


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