Logic Analyzers

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Logic analyzers are electronic tools which connect to digital circuitry and decode serial or parallel communication protocols.

High-end oscilloscopes now include logic analyzers, either built-in or as an additional module/license. Tektronic charges a license per communication protocol.


Saleae is probably the most expensive well-known logic analyzer brand. As of April 2020, the 8-channel, 500MS/s (Samples/second), 100MHz, USB3.0 Saleae logic analyzer (the Logic Pro 8) will cost USD$699, which is quite a lot of money for JUST a logic analyzer.


DreamSourceLab provides the DSView software for viewing the digital signals from the DSLogic series of logic analyzers. DSView is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux. It uses the sigrok project to provide all of the protocol decoders and therefore supports many of the protocols listed on

A screenshot of the DSView v1.1.2 software.

A screenshot of the DSView v1.1.2 software.

Whilst a setup .exe is provided for Windows and a .dmg for MacOS, no pre-built executables are provided for Linux, and you have to build yourself from the source code. Easy instructions are provided in the INSTALL text file.

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