NinjaCalc v1.3.0 Released

NinjaCalc v1.3.0 has been released! The biggest change is the addition of a CRC calculator, which allows you to calculate the CRC value for ASCII or hex data, using either common pre-loaded CRC algorithms or your own custom algorithm.

Example usage of the CRC Calculator within NinjaCalc (
Example usage of the CRC Calculator within NinjaCalc (

The custom algorithm section allows you to enter a CRC width from 1-64 bits, a CRC polynomial, initial value, XOR-out value, and whether the input data and/or the output CRC value is reflected. Then it will calculate the resultant CRC value.

Either download NinjaCalc v1.3.0 here, or open up your previous installation and click yes to update when prompted.

More information on CRC algorithms can be found on the CRCs (Cyclic Redundancy Checks) page.


  • Added CRC calculator, closes #122.
  • Fixed issue with install4j dependency, closes #123.
  • Removed .idea/workspace.xml file from repo, closes #124.
  • Added a text-based calculator variable, closes #125.
  • Added check so that calculator variables can’t be accidentally added to the same calculator twice, closes #126.
The NinjaCalc logo (with no transparency).
The NinjaCalc logo (with no transparency).

Site Wide Disappearance Of Most Images

Just after I managed to get captions working again for images, there has been a side-wide disappearance of most images. The culprit is the newly released NextGEN Gallery v2.0, which as part of it’s major restructuring has stopped the support of traditional templates (I used to use a single pic template file to add the additional markup). The idea behind this latest version of NextGEN sounds good, but from my brief use it feels a little buggy and it sounds like plenty of existing plugins will have to be re-written, which is bound to annoy people.

I won’t be able to fix this until I port the code to it supports the new structure. What is a site like this without images! This is my “must fix real soon” list…

Image Captions Gone On NextGEN Update

Grrrr…I updated the NextGEN gallery plugin, and it wiped all of my code that created a nice border and caption around images that where supplied with the parameter template=caption in the short code (see the post NextGEN Template Code Gives Images A Caption And Fresh Look for more info).

The border made the images look nicer, and the caption was very helpful at explaining what the image is all about!

Hopefully I can replace this code rather easily. I have regular backups which I save in Google Drive, and I wrote down the code changes I made on the page WordPress Plugins That This Site Uses.

Expect to see the captions back soon!