November 2017 Updates

  • New Auto (Specifier) page under Programming->Languages->C++.
  • New Streams page under Programming->Languages->C++.
  • New Affine Transformations page under Mathematics.
    The standard form of a affine transformation matrix.
  • New Projective Transformations page under Mathematics.
    A quad-to-quad transformation of an image, going from a rectangle to a complex non-rectangular quadrilateral with no parallel edges.
  • New GCC Profiling page under Programming->Compilers->GCC.
    A profile of the execution time of the example code. Graph was created using gprof and the gprof2dot tool.
  • New Premade Recipes page under Programming->Embedded Linux->Yocto.
  • Updated the Python SWIG Bindings From C++ page with a tutorial on how to pass (and call) callbacks from Python code to C++ code, and information on custom typemaps and typechecks (with working code examples).
  • New BlogAssets repository and a central place to store all code examples/diagram source files for this website.
    A screenshot of the GitHub BlogAssets repository.
  • New Visual Studio Code page under Programming->Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).
    The icon for Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code.
  • Fixed many of the broken links (approx. 60) on this blog, via the help of the great WordPress plugin Broken Link Checker.
  • Added new Git Subtrees page under Programming->Version Control Systems->Git.
  • Created a new repo called CppTemplate (on GitHub), with the purpose being for it to provide a way to quick start development on a new C++ project.
  • New GCC Code Coverage page under Programming->Compilers->GCC.

Image Captions Gone On NextGEN Update

Grrrr…I updated the NextGEN gallery plugin, and it wiped all of my code that created a nice border and caption around images that where supplied with the parameter template=caption in the short code (see the post NextGEN Template Code Gives Images A Caption And Fresh Look for more info).

The border made the images look nicer, and the caption was very helpful at explaining what the image is all about!

Hopefully I can replace this code rather easily. I have regular backups which I save in Google Drive, and I wrote down the code changes I made on the page WordPress Plugins That This Site Uses.

Expect to see the captions back soon!

NextGEN Template Code Gives Images A Caption And Fresh Look

After playing around with the NextGen plugin PHP files and this sites CSS style file, I have created what NextGEN calls a “template” for a single picture (in NextGEN lingo, a singlepic), which adds a border and the caption to the image. Which by-the-way, is a feature that NextGEN lacks, and should implement themselves!

Here is what images look like now, with the custom template applied.

Which, IMO, is a big improvement over what they used to be. They now have a nice, semi-transparent border, and include a caption below the image (which is associated with the image in the NextGEN gallery page). This is what they used to look like:

But…it’s not perfect…yet. As you can see below, in certain situations the images to go crazy.

I am no full-time website designer. Playing with HTML objects like div’s  and getting the right float setting, width, height, margin, alignment e.t.c can be a guestimate at the best of times. I will hopefully work out how to fix this sometime soon…

Note that this custom template has been disabled for the images in this post, otherwise you’d get the mirror-in-a-mirror look which would be utterly confusing.