Happy New Year 2018

Happy new year for 2018!

Here are some statistics for 2017:

Num. views 111k (down 40% from last year)
Visitors 64k (down 35% from last year)
Num. Of New Pages 90 (up 30% from last year)

Most Popular Pages:

Altium Tricks And Standards 12.8k
Altium Bugs And Things To Watch Out For 7.0k
Home Page 3.4k
Component Packages 3.0k
A Function Pointer Based State Machine 2.8k

Most Popular Referrers:

Search Engines 64.4k
Wikipedia.org 1k
cypress.com 257
Reddit 235
android-app 193

And here are the visitors in 2017 by country:

The number of visitors to blog.mbedded.ninja in the year 2017, sorted by country.

I think the biggest reason for the drop in visits (down 40%) in 2017 was due to the moving of www.mbedded.ninja to blog.mbedded.ninja. Even though www.mbedded.ninja was then setup to redirect to the new URL (you can click the above links if you don’t believe me!), a significant drop in traffic was seen from this point onwards (I’m not that savvy on the details of SEO, but I guess it hurt the site’s reputation). You can see the drop in the image below:

Visitor stats for mbedded.ninja in 2017, highlighting the drop in visits when the blog was moved from www.mbedded.ninja to blog.mbedded.ninja in March 2017.

The total number of visits (ever) is now at 730k. Bring on 1 million!

Some things I would like the improve on the blog in 2018:

  • Move more and more images away from using image plugins, and instead use the default media handler.
  • Add more child page sections to pages, and make sure each child page has both an image and a intelligible description.
  • Boost visitor count back up to it’s former levels (or better!) by improving content and SEO.
  • Fully retire the use of the QuickLatex plugin, using MathJax-Latex plugin for latex rendering instead.

Happy New Year, Plans For 2015

Happy new year to all!

Happy new year! Image from www.freechristmaswallpapers.net.
Happy new year! Image from www.freechristmaswallpapers.net.

First a few stats regarding mbedded.ninja in 2014.

And here is a screenshot of the number of visitors by month up to Jan 2015 since I started logging:

Num. of visitors to mbedded.ninja by month to January 2015.
Num. of visitors to mbedded.ninja by month to January 2015.

Things I hope to attempt this year:

  1. Finish moving all component packages onto the own, separate pages. Currently most are still on the one giant page. Although it seems to work well to rank highly in the Google search engine, this poses problems for readers as the page takes a long time to load and navigate. I have finished the first 10 or so packages, but given there is over a 100, this will be a long and painful process :-D.
  2. Improve the SEO of more pages (most are not optimised).
  3. Improve the menu structure. Many of the menu icons don’t make sense, and I am considering the possibility of making the menu sticky to the top of the page.
  4. Stick with a domain and not get bored of it. If there is one thing I’m guilty of it is changing the domain name of this site too often. In 2004 it was first http://homepages.inspire.net.nz/~hunter/ (which still exists!!!), then www.undergroundmadlabs.com, then www.cladlab.com and now blog.mbedded.ninja. In part it reflects the changing nature of the site’s content, but also my ability to choose names that I get bored of quickly. I think I’m on to a winner with blog.mbedded.ninja, so let’s hope it stays that way!
  5. Publicise more! Haven’t worked out how I’m going to do this…
  6. Improve load times. I have just started looking into this, as I have had a feeling that the load times have not been spectacular. One monitoring service reports that the average load time for the home page is currently around 7-9s. Ouch! I don’t know what is ‘normal’, but this seems too high!
  7. Automate the adding of child pages to a TOC (table of contents) on the parent page. This will be especially useful for pages with a high number of child pages, such as the Component Packages page. Currently the only way to view child pages is through the main menu (which can get overwhelmed).
  8. Continue adding to and improving the existing content (as always).


This website has just hit 100,000 views! A bit of a milestone for the website!

cladlab-100000-views-annotated This website has just hit 100,000 views!

This is the “official” 100k, the first real 100k would of been a little earlier, since the counter has not been around since the website’s inception (e.g. back in 2004 when it was called Kaboom), and has been reset a few times (e.g. when moving from www.undergroundmadlabs.com to the current www.blog.mbedded.ninja).