August 2017 Updates

June 2017 Updates

Recent Updates

It’s update time! Here is a list of some of most important updates that have happened on this site in the last month or so…

  1. New image format for the Component Package page images! For each component package, I have begun to use an individual slideshow for the associated images. This looks way better than the existing way of just posting the associated images one-by-one down the page.
  2. There has been new packages added to the Component Package page, including TO-Leadless, LGA, and SIM cards (including all variants).
  3. There has been heaps updates to Altium-Script-Central, a GitHub repo which contains useful scripts when designing PCBs in Altium.
  4. Updates to the Connectors page, including the new sections Headers and Circular Connectors.
  5. The is a new page on Memory under Components.
  6. There are new pages under Web Design on node.js (or just called node) and JSON.
  7. There is a new calculator on the Resistors page, called the Standard Resistance Calculator. You pass it any resistance, and it will find the closest standard resistance according the series you specify (e.g. E12, E48 series).
  8. There is a new Satellite Modem page, Cellular Modem page and an HE910 Design Notes page.
  9. I have added the SEO Smart Links plugin, which automatically creates internal links on pages and posts based on certain keywords. This is really useful, as it means I can stop doing it manually!