PID Tuner Tool Released In NinjaCalc

NinjaCalc has a new tool, a PID tuner! This PID tuner tool can be used to simulate/tune a PID controller, which is commonly used in industry to control things such as temperature, flow rates, speeds and all sorts of other things!

This PID tuner tool comes with two predefined processes that you can simulate/tune, a mass/spring/damper and R/C jet engine process. It also allows you to configure you own process to simulate/tune, via an editable JavaScript object.


Once you click the “Start” button, the PID tuner tool simulates the process and shows you the response of the process and PID controller. You can dynamically change the P, I and D terms of the PID controller while the simulation is running and see how this affects the response of the controller.

The PID tuner tool can be found here.

More information on PID Controllers can be found on the PID Control page.

BLDC Motor Control Page Added

If you ever need to control a BLDC motor, hit up this page! This newly added information is all about the different types of BLDC motor, how the windings and magnets are orientated, the different control methods and the different feedback variables.

It also has BLDC motor equations,

a schematic diagram for PSoC hardware,

and example code.

This page can be found at Electronics->Circuit Design->BLDC Motor Control.