February 2018 Updates

  • Updates to the UART and RS-232 communication protocol pages.

  • New Cross Product page under Mathematics->Geometry.

  • Updated the Fixed Point Mathematics page with more information of multiplication, division and modulo.
  • NinjaCalc got a new ‘Two Coordinate Geodesics’ calculator. This has it’s own post here.

  • Added information on “unused parameter” compiler warnings to the Qt page.

June 2016 Updates

How To Use C++ With PSoC Creator

Ever wanted to write C++ for the PSoC 5 or 5LP chips in PSoC Creator?

Well, although PSoC Creator doesn’t natively support it, you can quite easily do a few ‘hacks’, and you’ll be writing in C++ in no time.

A new page “Using C++ With PSoC Creator“, under Programming->PSoC, explains the steps required to compile C++ code in Cypress’s PSoC Creator.

It covers the four main steps:

1) Compiling with G++ rather than GCC using custom compiler flags

psoc-creator-build-settings-command-line-custom-flags Adding custom command line flags in PSoC Creator to force GCC to use the C++ compiler.

2) Wrapping C code with guards

extern C{< C code goes here>}

3) Defining the operators new and delete (this is optional)

void* operator new(size_t size)

4) Prevent Exception Functionality

Preventing exception functionality to prevent linker errors such as “undefined reference to __gxx_personality_v0” and “undefined reference to __cxa_end_cleanup” (again, this is optional, and only applied if you want to use new and delete)

cplusplus-linker-error-undefined-reference-to-gxx-personality Add the custom compile flag "-fno-exceptions" to every .cpp file you want to compile in PSoC Creator to prevent the "undefined reference to __gxx_personality_v0" linker error.

The steps have pictures and code examples to help you through the process.

Checkout the page here.