PSoC Low Power

Getting a PSoC into low power is surprisingly easy…

This applies to PSoC 3 and 5’s (because they use PSoC Creator), the methods might be slightly different for PSoC 1’s.


  • Disable the PLL clock. This is an energy intensive clock that boosts an input clock frequency into the 10’s of MHz. However, with low-power designs, clock speed is the first thing your usually willing to sacrifice. Anyway, 3MHz isn’t that slow anyway!
  • Turn the on-board programming/debugging hardware off. This can be done from the System tab of the .cydwr file. Change ‘Debug Port Select’ to ‘Debug Ports Disabled’ and deselect the ‘Enable’ checkbox. Don’t worry that this will lock you out of the micro (especially if you have used ATmega’s before!), you can still program the device with these options disabled
  • Use sleep modes on the micro-controller. Cypress provides an API to put PSoC devices into various sleep modes with different wake-up sources

Posted: November 26th, 2018 at 8:46 am