Embedded Linux

This page is not about one microcontroller in particular, but any that run embedded Linux.

PREEMPT_RT is a Linux mod that changes the Kernal to make it more deterministic. With the proper settings, it gives a worst-case delay of single-figure microseconds (still much higher than a dedicated microcontroller, that can have worst-case interrupt delays in the 10-100’s of nanoseconds).

There are four main performance-improvement aspects of embedded Linux:

  1. Linux with real-time extensions (e.g. the PREEMPT_RT patch)
  2. Multicore vertical partitioning with core isolation augmented by a light-weight threading (LWT) model
  3. Virtualization techniques that are based on real-time kernel accelerator engines
  4. The event machine model for scalable and dynamic load balancing in a multicore device

External Links

The RTwiki, a real-time Linux wiki.