TO-93 (TO-209AB) Component Package


Name TO-93 (Transistor Outline 93)
  • TO-209AB
Variants n/a
Similar To n/a
Mounting Panel Mount
Pin Count 4 (typ)
Pitch n/a (terminals and flying leads)
Solderability Designed for hand soldering/screw lugs
Thermal Resistance n/a
Land Area n/a (panel mount)
Height 49.5mm (exc. cable), 231mm (approx, cable fully extended)
3D Models n/a
Common Uses High-power SCR’s


Large panel mount package used for high-power SCR’s. Has good heat-sinking capabilities. Thread is 28.5mm in diameter, so fits 29-30mm hole. The metal case/thread is usually used as the anode, and the thick cable the cathode (there normally is a flying lead for the cathode also), along with a white flying lead for the gate.


A photo of the TO-93 component package.
A photo of the TO-93 component package.


package-to-92-dimensions The dimensions for the TO-92 package.

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