Picture And Movie Gallery Online

Picture and movie gallery online. Adding pictures in the next few days. Theres a movie of a stick rocket in the movie gallery.

Added Words To The Pyro Encyclopedia

Added some more words to the encyclopedia. Expect to see some rocket propellants online in the next week. I’m also trying to get a photo gallery with pictures and movies of pyro devices going off.

Rocketry Section Added To Website

New section added! Rocketry. Hope to see major updates to it in the few months. Very intresting, safe and rewarding hobby. Hopefully section will contain everything on how to build and fly your own rockets. A must for any pyro.

Sodium Hypochlorate And Sugar Bangs Added

Information on making Sodium Hypo-chlorate + Sugar bangs is now available in the “Composition Database”.

Electronic Fuse Instructable Added

Added information on how to make electronic fuses to ignite fireworks or explosives in the “How To” section.

Black Powder Recipe Added

Added recipe on how to make black powder in the “How To” section.

Kaboom Logo Made

Logo made for Kaboom in Adobe Photoshop. Added section “How To?”.

Kaboom! website created

Kaboom! website created at http://homepages.inspire.net.nz/~hunter/kaboom/kaboom.htm.